Disclaimer: I originally wrote this piece for HumbleBola. However, since the website is down, I felt like publishing it here is necessary, especially given the recent developments in our favorite local basketball league.

The piece has also been slightly tweaked and updated to reflect this present.


You’ve probably read this a million times already.

Asia’s first play-for-pay basketball league.

The oldest professional basketball league outside of the NBA.

The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) has long prided itself on having a rich history. …

Everyone has a dream, but not everyone is willing to turn it into a goal. The former is something you sit and fantasize about, while the latter turns that fantasy into a reality that you want to truly attain.

Getting one’s goal requires work. Hardship. Taking the right steps, even if these will take time and sacrifice out of you. This is something Kai Sotto himself acknowledged. Despite all of that, he was still willing to declare that he was turning the NBA dream into a goal he would single-mindedly focus on.

As a kid, I always wanted a date during Valentine’s. I’m not even joking when I say kid. I literally mean kid; a 12-year-old had dreams of taking a girl out on February 14 to show whatever meaning of love I understood to that girl. It sounds ludicrous, but really, my surname literally suggests that I love her.

My reasons for wanting as such were just like any other: the feelings of kilig, excitement, and the social construct that it’s cool to have a significant other. But more than the usuals, I wanted to be someone’s hero. You see, as…

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The date read November 19, 2006. It was an early Sunday morning when my dad and I made our way to the Blue Eagle Gym tucked inside the confines of the Ateneo de Manila University campus. The outside perfectly captured its essence. It’s a legendary gym but dated with its infrastructure. Aircon was non-existent. The scoreboard looked like it came from the 1970s. The banners that surrounded the gymnasium looked unkempt. But on that Sunday, it did not matter. …

A new “LeBron James” might be emerging at Spartanburg Day High School.

Before establishing himself as arguably the second greatest basketball player of all time, LeBron James was dominating the high school ranks as early as his sophomore year in St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. He was best known for using his monster frame, along with his ridiculous athletic ability to score on the fast break, or in creating for himself in the half-court. Sure, he had a very high Basketball IQ, but for fans, what mattered were the dunks and chase-down blocks that came out in SportsCenter.

The SportsCenter Top 10 culture has led fans to make hasty comparisons when it…

A number of teams in the NBA can boast of a lengthy history in the league. Some of these organizations have produced multiple All-Stars, various memorable moments for its city, and of course, championships.

The Grizzlies don’t happen to be a part of that exclusive group. They’ve only been an NBA franchise for 22 years, with no championship to boast of. It’s produced multiple All-Stars, but only three compared to the double digit numbers some other teams hold. …

The former Chicago Bulls MVP has to come to terms with what he’s become.

credit Keith Allison on Flickr

Over the past decade the NBA has experienced numerous trades resulting in inevitable ‘what-if’ after the fact reflection. Arguably, the first example which crosses fans minds is — what if James Harden was never traded to the Houston Rockets by the Oklahoma City Thunder? After all, this was the trade which seemingly launched OKC’s run of bad luck.

Another example— what if Greg Oden wasn’t injury prone? A couple of injuries would have been alright. But Oden was constantly injured, to the point he couldn’t string together a run of consecutive appearances. He was a great player — when he…

The Rockets get their Montrezl Harrell replacement on the cheap.

The Houston Rockets’ off season is considered a huge success by the general populace. Adding someone with the talent level of CP3 to the high-octane offense of the Houston Rockets is a recipe for success. Daryl Morey had already done his job in the eyes of many.

What people forget, however, is that Morey had to give up a number of assets in order to get Paul. …

Capitalizing on the Spurs decision to renounce Simmons, the Orlando Magic brain trust snag another high flyer to add to their athletic youthful squad.


Eastern Conference stars have been heading West in droves during this summer’s free agency. So, it’s not surprising Jonathan Simmons would recognize an opportunity on the East coast. What is surprising, is how he landed with the Orlando Magic.

The Vertical’s Shams Charania reported unrestricted free agent Jonathon Simmons decided to sign with the Orlando Magic to a 3-year deal. Many expected for San Antonio to try and resign Simmons given the upside he displayed during the previous season. But that wasn’t what happened. …

The 17-year-old phenom lit up the FIBA U19 Tournament.

Years ago, when fans would discuss Canadians in the NBA context, it was highly likely that only two names would surface in these conversations. Obviously, the Toronto Raptors are the very first name that comes into mind when talking about the North. Then the second one is Steve Nash, who is known by many as a Canadian national. Once you get past those, there’s very little that one can add regarding Canadians and the NBA.

That was the past.

Now, we live in an age where more and more players from Canada are starting to make their presence known in…

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